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Waiting in Vain

One-Act | 2F 2M 2N

Produced through Ambiance Theatre Company at Augsburg University (Sep. 2019)
Waiting in Vain is a story of four Black teens who commit a robbery at a local gas station. They run and hide in an abandoned Kohl's to avoid arrest and to wait for the hype to simmer down. As the media and police collect evidence, the teens become more worried, which places themselves in an endless battle to figure out if they should escape together or on their own. This story explores the the interconnectedness of youthful decisiveness, purpose, and Blackness in the hands of systemic condition and oppression. Do they escape? Or do they find their way back to normal? Waiting in Vain is an infusion of realism, irony, and the surreal.

Bruised Silhouette

Full-length | 2F 4M

Informal Reading at The Playwrights' Center (Dec. 2017) Bruised Silhouette is about the life of a young Black and Muslim boy who deals with domestic violence between his parents that lead to him running away and questioning his views of faith, love, and home all the way into his adulthood.


Full-length | 1F 3M 1N

An eviction notice sends a storm of fear for two half-brothers. Putting their heads together to find a way to reverse it, the situation brings past trauma to the forefront of their view. As the brothers come to understand themselves, they also come to realize that the eviction notice is much bigger than the rent coming in on time. Sacrosanct is play centered on dynamic family relationships, new definitions of love, dichotomy between grief and pain, gentrification in the Midwest, and the rediscovery of faith and its purpose in everyday life.


Theatre for Young Audiences, Short Play | 3F 4M 2N

Adapted from a short story Hassan is excited for his first week of fifth grade. However, when he enters the classroom, what he sees is a small number of students that look like him. In fact, his teacher had direct intents for the underrepresented students. Hummingbird is a story that touches on anti-blackness in the education system. Learn how Hassan and his friends, Naima and Thomas, discover it through their young and determined resiliency.